Wristband ID

Sport Wristband Identification and Reflective System

The Check ID Wristband is a perfect Emergency ID solution for runners, joggers, walkers, cyclists, surfers, and ocean swimmers; whether you're solo or in a team or club - it could save your life.

Wristband ID

The sport wristband contains vital lifesaving information for paramedics in the event you are involved in an accident or suffer a medical incident when exercising, the Check ID - wristband is an effective method to carry your runner ID information.

Wristband ID Features

  • Highly reflective - utilises 3M Scotchlite silver reflective material (essential for jogging in low-light conditions.
  • ID card is kept securely and discreetly within the Check ID wristband.
  • Easily updated - spare ID card included.
  • 100% waterproof - OK to use in the swimming pool & ocean.
  • Durable & Hardwearing - designed for everyday use
  • Sizes Available: (small/medium - wrist circumf. 6-7") (medium/large wrist circumf. 7-8")
  • Can be used as a watch strap or with certain types of heart rate monitors (for use with watches and HRM's that utilise strap pins of 0.75" width) * does not fit all watch/HRM products.
  • Comfortable and discreet.
  • Unisex sport design
  • Hand sewn quality

The Waterproof ID card stores the following information:

Wristband ID Insert Slip

Easy to Fit - 3 simple steps

How to use the Wristband ID

Features & Benefits of the Wristband ID

Designed to provide a convenient, lightweight and effective way for you to carry your information, the ID wristband is an ideal training partner & runner ID

Sport ID jogger

The Check ID wristband is the perfect training partner for runners, joggers and cyclists alike - it's essential running safety gear.

Comfortable and lightweight, the Check ID wristband can be used as a strap for certain wristwatches or heart rate monitors doubling its function and appeal.

The Check ID wristband has been designed to appeal to both men and women with it's unisex sports design. Easily adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of users and wrist diameters makes this runner ID perfect for you.

The ID card within the Check ID wristband can easily be updated or exchanged to allow for changes in address, emergency telephone numbers or medical details.

The Importance of Carrying Reflective ID When you Run, Ride or Climb

Carrying Emergency ID is like putting seat belt when getting into car, or strapping on bike helmet to go a ride. Carrying reflective runner ID is important for everyone, no matter what your age.

If you participate in running, cycling, jogging, walking, hiking, climbing, skating, skiing, snowboarding, this list is endless, then we encourage you to carry ID & wear reflective safety gear.

Not having ID as part of your running safety gear while participating in outdoor activities is a significant risk, a risk that should be addressed and considered carefully before you set out on your next run or ride.

Just consider how you would feel if you were lying in a hospital and the medical staff would not know who to contact or even who you are, simply because you were not carrying ID. In the event of an accident, we all want our family to be contacted immediately & need them to be with us quickly as possible. In addition, we want to ensure that we receive proper medical treatment.

At Wizid we encourage everyone to wear reflective runner ID and to be safe participating in their chosen sport. It's better to be safe than sorry - Wear ID, it just may save your life!

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Medium/Large fits wrist circumf. 7-8 inches

2 x waterproof ID cards

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