Tickets for Sport come in all shapes, sizes & materials - you can help to ensure correct access and sales with some of these Sport ID Tickets.

Tickets Sport ID

Available types include; Admission Tickets,
Redemption Tickets, Imprinted Tickets, Thermal Tickets, Stub Tickets & Internet Print-at-home Tickets

Ticket Features

  • Various combinations of colours, styles & imprints - from basic text to Holographic images & text.
  • Security features can include; Hologram Foil, UV Security Ink, and more.
  • Print-at-Home "e-tickets" allows online sales of electronic tickets.
  • Can be consecutively numbered within each roll.
  • Custom numbering is available, as well as shrink-wrap packaging.
  • Print options allow for creative usage of your message or logo.

Tickets for Sport

Tickets for Sport ID

Sport Tickets are essential for efficient patron access. Barcoded tickets offer the ability to quickly grant (or deny!) access to sport fans by scanning the ticket. Grand stand seating arrangements and VIP Access information can all be verified via the barcode, or this information can simply be printed on the ticket.

Ticket systems are great for Sport Arenas, Stadiums, or any sport event where access needs to be granted to fans. A database can be updated each time a customer buys tickets (online or in person), and then on the big game or race day, Point of Access staff (entry gate staff) can easily scan or view tickets; ensuring each patron is quickly advised of their allocated seating area.

Small and Large Events can benefit from ticketing, from the small local Soccer Club to Formula One Grand Prix - event holders and fans alike will benefit from the efficiency and security that tickets provide, making your Sport Event that much better.

Online Ticketing Systems for Sport - Print at Home Tickets

Online Ticketing Systems for Sport - Print at Home E-Tickets

A Print at Home E-ticket is a PDF file that you email (or post) to your customer, perfect for online delivery of sport tickets. The tickets include all sport event details with a specially encrypted barcode.

After purchasing and printing the PDF file the customer then has a valid ticket, and they can even re-print it if they lose their ticket before the event, reducing support requests to your staff and anxiety from the sports fan.

Sport Event websites benefit hugely from E-Tickets, allowing sales of tickets to be delivered as soon as they are purchased, offering instant gratification to the sports fans - you've probably seen this system if you've ever bought airline flight tickets.

Wizid can help you to deploy your very own E-Ticketing System so you can take advantage of the cost savings, financial accountability, security, and most importantly; a better experience for the fans and sport lovers.

Pricing, Orders and Quotes

Wizid carry a number of stock designs or patterns and of course we are able to customise our tickets to add your message or logo, or even create a new design.

View the entire range Wizid Tickets

View the entire range Wizid Tickets


Available types include:
Admission, Redemption, Imprinted, Thermal, Stub & E-tickets.

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