Shoe ID

Shoe Mounted Identification and Reflective System

Carrying Emergency ID for sport is essential for amateurs and pros alike. Anyone such as runners, joggers, cyclists & canyoners can save their own life if they carry Sport ID.

Shoe ID

Available in Yellow, Red & Blue

Shoe ID Colours

The Shoe ID provides vital lifesaving information to paramedics in the event of an accident or medical emergency during exercise. The Shoe ID is an effective runner ID solution to carry your vital ID information.

Shoe ID Features

  • Small size, lightweight & discreet (measures only 2.75" x1.00", weighs less than 5 grams!)
  • Fits securely and does not move when in use.
  • You'll never forget your ID - always fitted to your favourite running shoes.
  • Highly reflective - utilises 3M Scotchlite® silver reflective material (essential for jogging low-light conditions).
  • ID card fits inside inner pocket - out of sight in normal use.
  • Easily updated - spare ID card included.
  • Fits most footwear types with either laces or Velcro® closures.
  • 100% waterproof & tough construction.
  • Alternatively can be worn fitted to your belt or worn around your neck using a chain.
  • Hard wearing & designed for every day use
  • Does not move in use
  • Lightweight & discreet
  • Hand sewn quality.

The Waterproof ID card stores the following information:

Sport ID Insert Slip

The Shoe ID is easily fitted to your running shoes, cycling shoes, climbing shoes or even walking boots. The Shoe ID is opened and the lower section is threaded below the laces. The ID card inserted in the internal pocket and the upper section is folded down and is fixed to the lower section using a hook & loop closure.

Easy to Fit - 4 easy steps

How to use the Shoe ID

Features & Benefits of the Shoe ID

The Shoe ID is a convenient, lightweight and effective way for you to carry your critical information,making it an ideal solution for runner ID.

Sport ID Runners

Easily located by paramedics, the Sport ID shoe can be a lifesaver, providing paramedics with your vital medical & allergy information. The runner ID also allows for up to 3 emergency contacts to be stored, contacts that paramedics can immediately call and inform them of your situation.

Being visible during the hours of darkness, whether your cycling to work in the early morning, or out jogging late in the evening, the Shoe ID makes it easier for others to see you! Featuring 3M Scotchlite silver reflective material, this runner ID makes you more visible to others, reducing the potential for you to be involved in an accident during the vulnerable hours of darkness.

The Shoe ID mounted system provides a great gift to the runner, jogger, walker or cyclist in your life.

The Importance of Carrying Runner ID & Running Reflective Gear When you Run, Ride or Climb

Carrying your ID & wearing reflective clothing is as important as putting on your seat belt when getting into your car, or strapping on a bike helmet to go for a ride, no matter what your age.

If you participate in running, cycling, jogging, walking, hiking, climbing, skating, skiing, snowboarding, this list is endless, then we encourage you to carry ID & wear reflective gear.

The statistics are alarming: In 2006, 4784 pedestrian were killed and a further 61,000 injured across the United States alone. For cycling the number are equally shocking, 773 cyclists killed and a further 44,000 cyclists injured in 2006 in the United States also.

Thousands more people participating in active sports suffer blackouts, concussions, heart attacks, heat strokes and other serious accidents that require medical intervention.

Not having ID as part of your running safety gear while participating in outdoor activities is a significant risk, a risk that should be addressed and considered carefully before you set out on your next run or ride.

Just consider how you would feel if you were lying in a hospital and the medical staff would not know who to contact or even who we are, simply because we did not have your runner ID. In the event of an accident, we all want our family to be contacted immediately & need them to be with us quickly as possible. We want to ensure that we receive proper medical treatment.

At Wizid we encourage everyone to wear runner ID & reflective running gear and to be safe participating in their chosen sport. It's better to be safe than sorry - Wear ID, it just may save your life!


Imagine you're out running, bush walking, cycling, climbing or canyoning with friends - when all of a sudden you run into unexpected disaster; a vehicle accident, climbing mistake, or bike accident renders you unconscious.

Your friends call for rescue but despite them knowing you well, they don't know how to contact your family to let them know you were injured. And, they don't know if you have any allergies or medical conditions when the ambulance medics ask these details.

With the Shoe ID you never have to be in that helpless situation - wearing the Shoe ID can help your friends, your club, and yourself.

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Available in 3 colours:
Yellow, Red & Blue

Product size (fitted):
3.0 inches long x 1.0 inch wide

5 grams

2 x waterproof ID cards

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