Lanyards for sport are perfect for carrying security credentials or accessories whilst showing off your team's logo and colours.

Lanyards Sport ID

Available in 12mm, 15mm, 20mm,
Corded, Tubular, Plain, Patterned or Woven.

Lanyard Features

  • Many different colours available.
  • Various Add-On Attachments may be chosen.
  • Customise with your logo for advertising or promoting an event.
  • Can be mixed and matched with different clips, printing and colours.
  • Can attach various sizes of plastic wallets.
  • Can attach a Water Bottle Holder.

Lanyards for Sport

Wearing a Lanyard for Sport ID

Sport Lanyards are ideal for wearing ID when you need to identify yourself or your team - VIP Areas, Back Stage passes & Dressing Room access and even Pit Passes are perfect for lanyards.

Fans can support their team by wearing their team's logo and colours, and they can even attach a water bottle, mobile phone, or other items whilst watching the game.

Photographers and Security Guards often require credentials to access limited areas of a venue, and with their ID easily visible in a Lanyard Wallet; they can move around quickly, which is essential.

Lanyard Card Holders & Wallets

Lanyard Wallets for Sport ID

Our PVC and rigid plastic card wallets provide protection and secure attachment for your identity cards.

We have a massive range of sizes to choose from including; portrait, landscape, and some will take two cards. Some are of un-plasticised PVC to prevent re-sublimation (colour leakage) of cards.

Lanyards Attachments, Add-Ons & Accessories

Lanyard Attachments for Sport ID

Lanyard Attachments not only hold and display ID, they can carry keys, mobile phones, pens, whistles, badge reels, water bottles and other small objects.

Attachments are available in a huge range of styles for multiple uses including; Alligator Clip, Snap Swivel Hook, Split Ring, Heavy Duty Swivel Clip, Mobile Phone Holder, USB Memory Stick Holder.

Pricing, Orders and Quotes

Wizid carry a number of stock designs and patterns - and of course we are able to customise our lanyards to add your message or logo, or even create a new design.

View the entire range Wizid Lanyards

View the entire range Wizid Lanyards


Available in many styles:
Corded, Tubular, Plain, Patterned, Woven and many more.

12mm, 15mm or 20mm

Huge range of add-ons, attachments, plastic wallets and card holders.

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