Helmet ID

Helmet Mounted Identification and Reflective System

If you wear a helmet, our ID system could save your life - whether it's Canyoning, Climbing, Abseiling, Mountain Bike Riding, Road Cycling, BMX Riding or any other sport that utilises a helmet.

Helmet ID

Designed for all helmet wearing sports & professions.

The Sport ID - Helmet provides first responders & paramedics with your lifesaving medical, allergy and emergency contact information in the event you are involved in an accident or suffer a medical emergency. Perfect for Canyoning, Climbing, Abseiling, Mountain Bike Riding, Road Cycling, BMX Riding and other sports.

Mounted to the exterior of the helmet, paramedics and first responders can access the riders information immediately without removing the helmet - essential to reduce the potential for neck and spinal trauma. Utilizing 3M Scotchlite® reflective material the system components provide a further advantage to the rider or climber by making them more visible to others in low light conditions.

The system also includes a reflective sticker set to further enhance the visibility of the riders helmet or bike, or the climber's position.

Helmet ID Features

  • Highly Visible - Utilises 3M Scotchlite yellow reflective material.
  • Supplied with 2 extra 3M reflective sticker sheets to attach to your helmet or bike!
  • 100% waterproof and extremely durable.
  • Lightweight & Aerodynamic - shapes to the curvature of the helmet.
  • You'll never forget your ID - always attached to your helmet.
  • Safe access to your ID - no need to remove helmet.
  • ID card fits inside inner pocket - out of sight in normal use.
  • Easily updated - spare ID card included.
  • Utilises "Helmet Safe" adhesive to fix to helmet.

Package Includes:

Helmet ID stickers

The Waterproof ID card stores the following information:

Helmet ID Insert Slip

How to Use

How to use the Helmet ID

  • Fix ID sleeve to helmet (left side - pocket facing to rear of helmet
  • Fix warning decal to helmet (left side)
  • Complete ID card with a fine tipped permanent marker
  • Insert completed ID card into sleeve
  • Fix reflective decals to helmet where desired

Features & Benefits of the Helmet ID

The system is unique as it is designed to be attached to the outside of the helmet enabling paramedics to easily access the riders ID without the need to move the patient or remove their helmet (important to reduce the potential for neck & spinal trauma.)

The non-removal of the helmet is an important feature of the system and is vital in reducing the potential for further neck & spinal trauma, eliminating the need to manipulate the rider to access their ID.

Other solutions such as carrying ID in a rear pocket or neck worn dog-tag cannot eliminate this risk as the patient will often need to be fully manipulated to access their ID.

The Sport ID Helmet System was developed with input from EMS and Ski Patrol members to specifically be of benefit to them and assist them in their job of saving lives!

The Sport ID Helmet System is not only the perfect solution for cyclists. The system can be utilised for any helmet wearing work or activity including (but not limited to) skiing, mountain biking, skateboarding, & motorcycling.


The I.C.E. designation displayed on the Sport ID Helmet System is an internationally recognised acronym that enables paramedics to quickly identify the ID system and retrieve the riders ID.

Originally the ICE designation was used to identify emergency numbers stored on a cell phone, the designation is recognised by paramedics & medical personnel worldwide and is being more widely used and incorporated into a number of safety products.

Helmet ID package


Imagine your riding with a friend and a car pulls out from a side road, they get hit by the car and get knocked over.

You call an ambulance but despite having ridden with your friend many times, you don't know how to contact his family to let them know he was hurt. And, you don't know if he has any allergies or medical conditions when the ambulance medics asked these details.

With the Helmet ID you never have to in that helpless situation - wearing the Helmet ID can help your friends, your club, and yourself.

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2 x ID Cards
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